1. What we used to be (그때 그 날들)

We were best friends, or at least, that’s what I thought.

How long is a friendship supposed to last?
1 year?
2 years?
I knew ours would last long.

And it’s not like we aren’t friends anymore.
We still are…

But as in the second picture, the friendship heart breaking doesn’t signify our friendship breaking.
It signifies my broken heart over the times we lost…the times we let fly past.

Why can’t we talk like we used to?
Why can’t we have fun like we used to?

Is it puberty?
The damn hormones messing with our innocence?

Well, we grew up.
That’s all there is…

Though I say all this, saying how much I miss the old times,
It’s not that sad.
I realize that in the end, it was just me trying to hold on.

People change.
Times change.
Situations change.

It’s foolish people like me who refuse to accept it.

I can’t say, “I miss the old him.”
I can’t say, “I don’t like the new him.”

There’s no old him or new him.

He’s still the guy who I loved for his personality, who I want to be friends with forever.

That’s why, I’ll hold on to my memories, and remind him when he forgets.

Because I love our friendship, and I cherish it so much.

That’s what friends are.


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