2. I love you, my friend. 사랑한다, 친구야

This one is a special one dedicated to one of my best friends.

Of course I can’t say her name, so for the sake of animosity, let’s call her Junior.

The first drawing is a basic summary of all the most memorable moments we had together…not really, but the memories which I can recall the best, because of quirky situations and funny things.

The first one, on her first day of transferring to my school, she made me go get her from her car because she was ‘too shy’. I went to get her anyways.

the second one was when we went to the beach together. We bought each other ‘wedding rings’ and decided that we were to be married. Of course, when we returned to the city, she lost her ring -.-

The third one was when we would go to the school’s playground every lunchtime and swing. The word ‘shellfish’ for when we went to swing actually came around when we tried to swing at the same time and she swung first, I would say ‘you’re so selfish!’. Somehow that became ‘shellfish’, and we don’t even call it ‘swings’ anymore. To us, it’s just shellfish (Note that infernalmorality is also present during shellfish sessions)

In the fourth one we go back to the beach, when we were SUPPOSED to run around on the beach shouting and letting all our frustrations out. It never happened because we were too shy and much too lazy to run, and there were other people around too. Someday I want to do it.

The fifth one is during PE, when she accidentally threw a basketball onto my face. That was the third time a basketball hit my face that year, and there is no need to say that I got my revenge 😛

The sixth one is when I went for a sleepover, and because I was so COMFORTABLE on the bed, I rolled around, successfully squishing Junior under me. Of course, she had her revenge too…(note that I don’t actually drool.)

The seventh one………….we showered together. Period.

The last one is when I took her to karaoke for her birthday. It was fun, and actually ended in tears because of a few problems, but it was one of the most memorable moments we had.

I love you Junior, my best friend 🙂

Let’s be friends forever


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