Friends and stuff

Whoever read my post ‘Limit’ will understand this next sentence.

“I’m free.”

Basically, I’ve found my happiness again.

My life is so perfect, so happy that I feel absolutely stupid for even being sad.

Being sad is a waste of time. Why spend short life being sad, when you can spend it being happy?

Live it to it’s fullest!

I’m over my crush (turned out I just had to take the antisocial out of the antisocial bastard)

and I’m having so much fun being free.

Free from my burdens, free from my stress, free from my crush (?)


Yeaaaaaah let’s just leave that last one out.

The one reason what I want to say here, is that I’m having this one tiny problem with my friend.



He and I got along great.

We’d talk to each other every day, and the conversations (all online) were so fun.

Talking with each other every day was important because he was far away, and though we go to the same school, he’s in another campus.

Until one day the conversations just began to…slow down.

One-minute replies turned to five, then ten, then twenty.

Then one hour, to three, to five.

Then eventually it took whole days.


I got mad.

I hated people like that.

Why let me down?


I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything.

Shouldn’t expect anything from someone I only knew by phone.

So it’d been a month.

His friend (my best friend) kept trying to get me to talk to him.

But I didn’t want to.

and I made it obvious.


So his first message to me after a month?

“I have this small feeling that you’re mad at me.”

No shit sherlock.

“You hate me don’t you? T^T”


Not really.

Or, I just didn’t know.

I told him to leave me alone while I thought about it.


And then I hear other things.

Like, he’s not a good person in reality.

Someone hates his existence.

He broke up with his previous girlfriend because he was ‘bored’.


The relationship one was important

No, I don’t have a crush on him.

It’s important because I’m not really a believer in relationships.

Teenage relationships, anyways.

I have this inner bias that all guys are douches, so it wasn’t really comforting to know.


so I got mad, and THEN I hated him.

But then I talked to another friend about it, and I decided that I was being petty.

Shouldn’t I listen to his side first?

So I made protective sentences for him.


Maybe people just don’t know him. After all he DID say he was shy around strangers.

Maybe that girl just had a personal grudge for no reason against him. I didn’t know her that well anyways.

Maybe he broke up with her because he was bored, but maybe he didn’t say it like that. People get bored of relationships.


Then I realised,

“Wow. I’m protecting him.”


Which wasn’t so bad, I guess.

He’s a friend, and one of my life mottos is to

“Never give up on a friend.”

So I think…

I’m going to talk to him again.

Maybe after a week or so, because even if he’s not a bad person,

He DID ignore me for a month.

And I’m tired of that bullshit.

If he does it again….

If he dares to make excuses again,

then seriously.

I’m just going to delete him.


I meet him in person like maybe three times a year.

Shouldn’t that be reason enough to chat online frequently?


I don’t know.


So you tell me.

Am I being a PMS-ing typical whiny, overestimating girl?

Or am I right and he’s the bastard this time?


Am I right in forgiving him?

Am I right at all?


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