Scabbing knees and scarring

So today I had a basketball game, and some girl (yes.) tripped me (yes).

I could go all into detail about how the referees hate our school basketball teams and they’re always unfair and blah blah (oops)

but I won’t. Because that’s not the point of this post.

My knees are all scratched up, and the funny thing about me is that my skin seems to be extremely sensitive.

A little scratch from a tiny fall would end up with three weeks worth of scabbing and a lot of pained tears about scars.

Why is it that I’m so insecure about my appearance?

I have this massive brownish patch on the side of my leg because my last wound didn’t scab and heal properly.

I cried so much about it, because it seems ridiculous, but the last thing I want is a blemish on my body.

I already have acne, isn’t that enough? I’m trying so hard to get rid of them because let’s face it. Nobody likes acne.

I’m going to take extra care of my knees this time, and make sure no matter what that they don’t scar, because if they do, it’s going to be a huge blow for my self-esteem.

And I’ll cry.

Like a baby.


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