The other day I posted a …post saying how much I loved my blog even though nobody really visits it to see what I’m writing.

And then I got to the tagging part, and then I realised….that I was afraid to tag.

This sounds so ridiculous, but it’s a serious subject.

If I use tags, people can find my post, and therefore my blog.

If I use good tags and lots of tags, people can find my blog and read my posts and find out what and who I really am.

And I was afraid of that.

I’m afraid of that.

Which is why I’m going to get rid of my fear and go ahead and tag.

Blogs are used to express people, and I’m going to express myself.

It doesn’t matter whether people visit or not, I’m going to proudly tag, because I know that if people do visit, then I’ll be happy with the visiting numbers.

It’s my blog, so it’s totally up to me, but if I don’t share what I learn, and if I don’t express myself, what’s the point, right?

So I’m going to get over my fear and be a proud tagger 🙂



On a side note, le friend who i was ignoring talked to me first (because another friend interfered) so I’m talking to him again now.


Then again…it still won’t be the same anymore.


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