So yes.

My wordpress/computer/internet hates me

because I cannot tag!!!

How will you wonderful people find me if I cannot tag!!!!

Anyways, this is a personal blog anyways so I can just put down anything I want and it doesn’t matter whether people come to see it or not 😛


May Madness (for me) is almost over!!

May 4-SATII (studied for the wrong test because I didn’t look at my admission ticket properly so I went in totally unprepared)

May 6-AP Test (AP Psychology, BAHAHHHAHHA I honestly don’t know how I did)

May 9-Hospital (I got a legit hole in my leg. I was being stupid and my shin hit the edge of some concrete and my skin tore. Like actually tore. And when I say hole in leg I’m not even joking. I had an actual hole in my leg which totally reached until my bone. I’m lucky my bone isn’t fractured. So much blood……So many stitches…..)

May 10-AP Test (AP English Language and Composition I probably wrote off-topic essays xD)

May 11-Prom (Went to prom in my hot pink dress with the hole in my leg!!!!!! and crutches.)

May 13-AP Test (AP Biology – MUAHAHAHAHA I probably flunked this one)

May 14-AP Test (AP Comparative Government – MUAHHAHAA I just…give up…on this one…)

May 27~29-Final exams (Still to come…..)

Anyways, I hope any of you who reads this is doing well, and good luck on your own tests if you have any, and don’t be stupid like me and get a hole in your leg. It’s not pleasant. At all.

Crutches are so uncomfortable T^T


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