So, it’s completely obvious what this post will be about..

dun dun duuuuuuuunnnn *insert dramatic music*

YOUTUBE!!! (no copyright infringement intended…) (can you even get copyright infringement by saying the-never mind)


Youtubers are AWESOME.

I mean, seriously.

They have millions (or thousands) of people following them, watching their daily lives, you can recognize them when you come across them in real life, and they are just so amazing, funny, and just I don’t even know how to explain myself.


And watching these people, I’ve always wanted to open my own Youtube channel!

But of course, I’ve caught a bit of a…shyness virus.

My friend and I (If you’ve been around my writing blog then you’ll probably come across her works) tried to start a youtube channel…or we were going to, but then we never came around to.


I mean, she was going to move to a different country, and we were caught up in all our tests, and school, and so much drama (teenage drama ugh) so we never got around to it.


Such a shame..

And I couldn’t possibly imagine starting a channel by myself because…well…I’m shy 😛

I usually pride myself in not caring what other people think, but what in the world would I actually end up doing?

Talking about what?

and I just…I don’t know

So…here’s to someday when I get the courage to actually start?




3 thoughts on “Youtube

  1. bahahah i think you and your friend should totally keep up the idea! i mean, even if you two are far away, im pretty sure you’re a whiz with the computer 😉 am i right? of course i am! then what are you waiting for?! GO OUT THERE AND MAKE SURE DAN AND JENNA AND KEVJUMBA AND NIGAHIGA AND MANY MORE PEOPLE NOTICE YOU SO THAT YOU CAN GO VIRAL AND THEN GO TO VIDCON NEXT YEAR OMG

    just a thought. :p

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