Hello, World!

I’m back from my four-year hiatus!

I must say, I’m too shy to read all the things I’ve written before…

Within four years, let’s just say a lot has happened. Shall I summarize the main parts?

-I’ve graduated High School (and subsequently entered college)

-I’m actually a junior in college now (I’m twenty years old…)

-I’ve had a boyfriend and I’ve also broken up with him after a year

-Which, I suppose, I can dramatically say, I’ve loved and had my heart broken as well

-I’ve spent a year and a half in a band, and can play the keyboard, drums, and sometimes I sing

-Oh, I major in Psychology

-I stopped writing for a long time, but now my desire to write has been sparked again

It’s crazy, because I think that’s about it.  xD

Four years, and not much has happened! I guess that’s teenage life for you.

Anyways, I’m going to start writing again, so please, if you’re wondering what a Korean girl in her now-twenties’ life is like, follow, subscribe, whatever, because you’re going to find out, probably.

(Also check out my other sites while you’re at it.)


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