So like I said before, I have my exams in two weeks’ time.

And trust me, the only reason why I’m so stressed out about it is that I’m so backlogged on all the studies that I didn’t already do.

Usually when I feel so stressed that I can’t get a handle on things I do this:


Which is basically a study schedule I follow until I have time to breathe again.

If you can’t read Korean (shame on you), the red things on the bottom are the days I have exams. The titles for each column are as follows: Latin1, Psych of Aging, Work and Psych, Understanding Photography, Psych of Language, Management after Capitalism, Personal, and Clubs.

I have nothing put down for clubs because I’m not doing any this semester, which makes me kind of mad, but I’m part-timing in that time instead, so I guess it’s just a trade-off.

Also, I’m in a band (?), we’re recruiting singers so if you’re in Korea, in Seoul, and you’ve got a voice, then you should apply 😛

So why am I writing this post when I’m seemingly extremely busy? It’s because during exam season everything except studying is fun. I was actually going to clean the house today so I could waste more time, but my dad already did that so that I could (dramatic music) study. Thanks, dad.

Yes. This post is a way to waste time. I’m trying to think of more-

Oh, I bought a fountain pen today! I’m so happy because I’ve always wanted a fountain pen but now that I have one I have no idea what to do with it. I mean, I can write cursive but my penmanship is terrible, I can attempt calligraphy but I’m so serious I do not have the skills or physical ability to do calligraphy it’s just not ingrained into my DNA.


Okay, I’ll stop now. The picture for today is a badly taken picture of my cat sitting on my expensive things.


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