late-night musings

If anyone is interested, this is the aftermath of my breakup with my ex.

And yes, I am very subtly promoting my writing blog.

Such woes do late-night musings bring:

we find tears, laughter and rage.

She cries, for a flame kindled (then lost),

while he laughs, victor in all, — but love.

The anger is mine.



Mine alone to desire,

to rage, to burn unto the coming morn.

The moon witnesses their tiny worlds of rain,

that fall just as time slips by

-yet again.

Source: The first poem I wrote in a long time


The breakup actually led me to go on a really spontaneous trip to an island near SK. (which you can see in my featured picture) I’m in the corner over there, see? Lil’ ol me, healthily dealing with my breakup 😀


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