So it’s the 31st here, which means HALLOWEEN!

I’m not exactly the partying type so I’m not going anywhere, but still, I feel like I need to make the atmosphere of halloween, so I put on a bit of (a lot of) makeup and went to class.

You can see what I look like, and possibly imagine what my professors’ reactions were like xD.


On a side note, I didn’t get anything done this weekend because I was sick.

Usually I manage to maintain a modicum of health and can force myself to attend classes, clean my room, etc, but for some reason I got hit really hard this time, so I couldn’t do anything except sleep.

So I managed to become my cat, or at least follow her lifestyle by doing absolutely nothing except eat, sleep, poop, rinse and repeat.


Thankfully, I’m not contagious anymore, though a sniffling ghost isn’t exactly what I would consider Halloween-ey.


P.S. I’ve got my new iphone which means….TONS OF SELFIES



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