Taiwan trip – Day 2

Day 2 of Please Let Me Go Back Alive (aka. Taiwan trip 2017)


I managed to buy a transportation ticket for the MRT (which I couldn’t get yesterday because I’m dumb and don’t know how to ask for help) and used it right away to get to Tamsui station!

Tansui station

I was going to go to Fort San Domingo and all I had to do is to get off at Tamsui station and get on bus 26 and get off at Fort Sam Domingo stop but NOOOOOO I just have to miss one stop. But it was actually quite alright because the weather was so nice and the breeze was tickling my ear and the pathway to Fort San Domingo is right next to the sea so I walked for 10 minutes with the smell of the ocean and it made me so happy.  


When I finally arrived I went to the fort and the old consulate and took a look around, took some pictures…I have to admit I know nothing about Taiwanese history and I’m not exactly a history buff in the first place so I wasn’t really interested…but I took a lot of pictures instead. 

So after the fort I went to Aletheia University (for more pictures) and then took a rest at a picnic bench with a cup of bubble tea.

Then afterwards I got on a ferry to go to Bali village. This whole no-stress no-supervision trip is amazing and fun and absolutely wonderful but 10 minute-boat rides with absolutely nothing to do is devastatingly boring for people who come alone (like me). I’m craving human interaction that doesn’t involve a severe amount of body language.


Anyways, my friend recommended to me that I eat the giant fried squid, and I’m not exactly a fan of fried squid but whatever I’ll go eat it anyway. So I went there and there were tons of stalls selling friend squid but I just stood in the line with the longest line, and waited about 15 minutes. There was a little problem with translation but wow, most people can speak Korean! I guess it just shows how many of my people go to Taiwan. The fried squid was absolutely delicious and this is saying a lot because I have big pride in not liking seafood.

So afterwards I decided to rent a bicycle and go cycling because apparently the cycling road is really clean and neat in Bali village so off I went. Of course after like an hour my legs began to hurt so I decided to go back, but when I checked google maps to see exactly where I was HOLY MOTHER OF EVERYTHING I went way too far. Not to mention my legs were already hurting and the wind was punching my face and pushing me back.


I went back really slowly, pausing every couple of minutes to rest, and eventually I took a thirty-minute rest in some grass, putting on Korean music to max volume and singing along while lying down in the grass. It was the best feeling, putting down any sort of shyness or awkwardness I may have had with the foreign country. Not to mention that lying down and staring at the sky made me feel like I was floating in space.

It took me about an hour and a half to return but when I finally did, I bought myself some ice cream. By the time I returned to Tamsui the wind (which was so nice in the morning) was actually annoying me, because it kept flying my hair everywhere and it was really cold.

I’d heard that the original giant sponge cake place was nearby too so I went there, waited in line for about 20 minutes and when I finally had my sponge cake, I tasted it, and oh my goodness gracious it was so spongy and so fluffy and so sweet and smelled like butter and heaven.

My phone battery was then running out so I decided to pop into a random diner and get something simple (and local, which is the point) and then return back to the hostel. Since the menus were all in Taiwanese and I can’t speak taiwanese, all I did was look at the pictures, and if it looked like I could eat it (rice with sth that looked like pork on top) then I pointed at it and enthusiastically asked for it. It was pretty good for a random pick.


Of course, I couldn’t pass up the station sushi, so on the way back to the hostel I picked up some salmon sushi and had that as a late-night snack. When I finally returned to the hostel I had about 1% of battery left.


My body is beginning to ache, but overall, today was a good day.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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