Taiwan trip – Day 3

Day 3 of Please Let Me Go Back Alive (aka. Taiwan trip 2017)


This morning I hit the snooze button and I found it really difficult to wake up. I was hurting in a lot of places, like my legs and my feet, and most importantly my UTERUS.

I’d planned to go to Xinbeitou, the hot spring town, and maybe relax, loosen a few muscles and then come back and sleep for maybe 20 hours, but it seemed that it wasn’t meant to be.

But I didn’t have anything else planned, so I still got ready to go out and made my way to Xinbeitou.

The train from Beitou station to Xinbeitou station is themed after a hot spring!

Anyways when I got off, I headed towards the nearest tourist spot, which happened to be the Taiwan public library in Xinbeitou. It’s supposed to be the most environmental-friendly library, and it looks like it too. Unluckily for me, it was closed for today 😦


So then afterwards I headed to the hot spring museum. It’s supposedly a hot spring that was changed into a museum later on, and if you go to the first floor they still have the baths there, which are now used for display.

img_2459It’s supposed to be decorated to look like Roman baths, but funnily enough, I could only see a wave pool at a water park…

Then I was hungry, so I went out to get lunch.


The latte that I drank there is the first non-bubble tea drink that I had since I got to Taiwan, I think.

Once my stomach was filled, I headed towards Thermal Valley. The river(?) stream(?) that runs through Xinbeitou is all hot spring water, so you can see steam rising from it as you walk by. It also smells like sulfur (which is what makes Xinbeitou hot spring special: sulfur) . Thermal Valley is famous for being 100+degrees, and therefore having steam rising from it all year round.



After coming back from Thermal Valley, I decided to go to this famous ramen restaurant. My original plan (before my uterus ruined everything) was to go to Thermal Valley, go to a hot spring and soak myself in it, and then go eat the ramen for dinner and return, but I had to skip the hot spring and went straight to the ramen place.

And I keep saying ‘ramen place’ because I can’t read chinese and therefore have no idea what the name of the restaurant is. Also apparently the ramen there is famous because they make the noodles with hot spring water and it makes the noodles more chewy and delicious.


To be honest the ramen didn’t taste wonderful. I know better ramen restaurants back home, but I guess the point was that I took the tourist route there 😛

The view after I got out from the restaurant was excellent. The hotel right next to the ramen place had the red lanterns on them, reminding me that I originally planned my Taiwan trip because I wanted to see the red lanterns in Jiufen.


Anyways I headed back, but not before stopping by a Matcha cafe to get…


THIS. So good and green tea-ey and sweet and bitter and yummmmmm.

Tomorrow I’m probably just going to rest in my bed, maybe go to the nearby shopping mall for an easy lunch and dinner, and eat lots and lots of snacks, because the second day is always the hardest for me.


I’m actually really hungry right now oh no.


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