Taiwan trip – Day 6

Day 6 of Please Let Me Go Back Alive (aka. Taiwan trip 2017)


Today was a pretty hot day.

Or maybe it’s because I left at 12PM?

Anyways, because I wanted to avoid masses of people (It’s a Sunday), I decided not to go to any night markets or popular tourist spots.

So, I went to Sisinanchun.

Sisinanchun is a small little alleyway with a lot of history. History that I can’t write here because I didn’t read the placards in the mini-museum (I know, I suck, but I really am bad with history).

There’s supposed to be a flea market on weekends but for some reason it wasn’t there today.

img_2725It’s really near Taipei101. I really like this picture because it looks like a bit of traditional and modern mixed together, with the rooftops and the 101.


Then I made my way to the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial.

Just my luck, it was under renovation.

img_2735Still, on the bright side, I made it in time to watch the guard rotations.



Ahh…men in uniforms…


They did all these fancy gun twirlings and stuff but to be really honest I think the guard rotation in front of Kyeongbokgun palace in Korea is better (Korean pride YASSS).

Afterwards I did what any good Korean tourist would do and went to Carrefour.


I dunno it’s a vending machine that squeezes fresh orange juice how cool is that!


Today is the last day of resting for me, starting tomorrow I’m gonna get busy again!