Taiwan trip – Day 5

Day 5 of Please Let Me Go Back Alive (aka. Taiwan trip 2017)


Today I managed to get my lazy buttock out of bed and into the streets.

Since I was still feeling tired, I figured I’d just hang around close by, places I could walk to instead of taking the subway for 1 hour.

So, I went to Lungshan temple.

It was 2PM (but a Saturday), so there were many people there to pray and wish for whatever; their family’s health, a baby, a boyfriend, grades, I don’t know.

Since I do not believe in their religion I did not wish for anything of my own at the temple, so I took pictures, some videos, and watched as people lit incense on fire, put their hands together to pray, bowed to statues, dropped stones, and had their fortunes read.

Of course, I was careful not to distract or get in the way of anyone.

Then I headed towards the National Taiwan Museum.


The outside of the museum looks very Greek.

It seems that I came at a bad time though, because a few of the exhibitions were closed for maintenance. I did get to see the history of the bicycle though.


They gave me a discount on the entrance fee because I’m a student (yay.)

After I left the museum I decided to go get an early dinner, because my plan was to go to Din Tai Fung. It was only about 4:30 PM, but I wanted to beat the rushhour and avoid being crushed by tons of people and wait for 2 hours, so I went early anyway. I didn’t have breakfast or lunch (on account of waking up late), so it wasn’t too bad.

The lady at the counter who gave me my waitlist + menu checklist gave me the Korean waitlist after one look at me, for which I was grateful because she is actually the first Taiwanese person to not speak in Chinese to me first.

(I began to question my Korean-ness ever since I came here).

Anyways I ordered the….vegetable…mix? I dunno the menu was in Korean too, and all it said was Taiwanese-style 잡채 and 잡채 is something like mixed vegetables with glass noodles or something.

I also ordered 오육면 (Beek noodle soup) and Xiaolongbao, which is the famous Taiwanese dumpling with soup inside.



Then my friend tagged me in something on Facebook so I went to check it, and it was a post telling me that the annual lantern festival was going to be from February 4th (today) to February 11th, and that I should go see it.

I thought, why not?

So I waded through this army of people


to get to one of the stations where the lanterns are.

img_2619(The Lucky Tiger because apparently Tiger sounds like the word ‘lucky’ in Chinese)


Its the year of the cock (chicken) this year, so the lantern festival is chicken/egg themed.


I actually realised (after 2 hours of wading) that today was only the opening ceremony and the lights come on beginning tomorrow = =


So, significantly tired, I decided to just go home for that day, because my body hurt and I had laundry to do.

There is a spectacular lantern festival in Korea that opens once a year too, so I think I’ll skip out on the one in Taiwan.

Tomorrow I might go to the cat village 😀


Photos + exams…

I’m taking a photography class this semester, and I have a DSLR that I bought about 3 years ago, so I’m going to try and make use of it as much as possible. My theme also allows for me to brag one photo, so I’m going to make use of that as well. I actually don’t have a photo today, so I’m just going to reuse one that I took a long, long time ago.

I realise that my words don’t exactly sound coherent right now, but that’s because I’m really tired and I don’t have the energy or brainpower to sound right. Sorry, but I’m sure that you all are highly intelligent and capable of deciphering my tired ramblings.

I need to buy a new phone because my Galaxy S5 is crazy now; the screen flickers on and off in low light, plus I dropped the back cover case in the sea by accident and I lost my SD card somewhere too (which makes me really, really sad). My choices of new phones are: iPhone7, iPhone6s, and Galaxy Note 7.

I don’t really care that the iPhone7 doesn’t have a earphone jack, I actually like the airPods (slay me), and Note7 doesn’t explode anymore. Also, iPhone6s is the same price as Note7, and it’s apparently likely that iPhone7 is going to be similar as well. Right now I’m leaning towards iPhone7, but we’ll see. But if I do get iPhone 7, what color should I get??? That is the true dilemma.

Also I have my exams from the 17th to the 21st. Which also means that I’m going to be motivated to do anything except study, like maybe clean the house, play extra double time with my cat, clean the house again, make pudding, bake cookies, try ‘learning’ how to draw, write more stories, clean the house, write poems, you get the gist.

If any of you see me online please just internet slap me and tell me to go study.

Just in case anyone is interested, I’ll tell you my exam schedule, because I haven’t checked either.

So apparently on Monday the 17th I have Latin1 from 11AM, Post-Capitalism Management from 5PM, on Tuesday the 18th I have Psychology at Work, Psychology of Language: Theory and Practice, and on Wednesday at 1PM I have Psychology of Aging. I’m probably going to be dead by Thursday because I have part-time work on Monday and Wednesday as well.


P.S. the photo is from a cafe/restaurant that I went to with my friend. The food is amazing there and the atmosphere is great and the drinks are superb as well.

P.P.S you know what I’ll just post a picture of the food below



P.P.P.S. I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to do this but the restaurant’s name is The April, and it’s in South Korea, near Hongdae station 😀