Taiwan trip – Day 5

Day 5 of Please Let Me Go Back Alive (aka. Taiwan trip 2017)


Today I managed to get my lazy buttock out of bed and into the streets.

Since I was still feeling tired, I figured I’d just hang around close by, places I could walk to instead of taking the subway for 1 hour.

So, I went to Lungshan temple.

It was 2PM (but a Saturday), so there were many people there to pray and wish for whatever; their family’s health, a baby, a boyfriend, grades, I don’t know.

Since I do not believe in their religion I did not wish for anything of my own at the temple, so I took pictures, some videos, and watched as people lit incense on fire, put their hands together to pray, bowed to statues, dropped stones, and had their fortunes read.

Of course, I was careful not to distract or get in the way of anyone.

Then I headed towards the National Taiwan Museum.


The outside of the museum looks very Greek.

It seems that I came at a bad time though, because a few of the exhibitions were closed for maintenance. I did get to see the history of the bicycle though.


They gave me a discount on the entrance fee because I’m a student (yay.)

After I left the museum I decided to go get an early dinner, because my plan was to go to Din Tai Fung. It was only about 4:30 PM, but I wanted to beat the rushhour and avoid being crushed by tons of people and wait for 2 hours, so I went early anyway. I didn’t have breakfast or lunch (on account of waking up late), so it wasn’t too bad.

The lady at the counter who gave me my waitlist + menu checklist gave me the Korean waitlist after one look at me, for which I was grateful because she is actually the first Taiwanese person to not speak in Chinese to me first.

(I began to question my Korean-ness ever since I came here).

Anyways I ordered the….vegetable…mix? I dunno the menu was in Korean too, and all it said was Taiwanese-style 잡채 and 잡채 is something like mixed vegetables with glass noodles or something.

I also ordered 오육면 (Beek noodle soup) and Xiaolongbao, which is the famous Taiwanese dumpling with soup inside.



Then my friend tagged me in something on Facebook so I went to check it, and it was a post telling me that the annual lantern festival was going to be from February 4th (today) to February 11th, and that I should go see it.

I thought, why not?

So I waded through this army of people


to get to one of the stations where the lanterns are.

img_2619(The Lucky Tiger because apparently Tiger sounds like the word ‘lucky’ in Chinese)


Its the year of the cock (chicken) this year, so the lantern festival is chicken/egg themed.


I actually realised (after 2 hours of wading) that today was only the opening ceremony and the lights come on beginning tomorrow = =


So, significantly tired, I decided to just go home for that day, because my body hurt and I had laundry to do.

There is a spectacular lantern festival in Korea that opens once a year too, so I think I’ll skip out on the one in Taiwan.

Tomorrow I might go to the cat village 😀