Taiwan trip – Day 7

Day 7 of Please Let Me Go Back Alive (aka. Taiwan trip 2017)


Today I woke up earli(er than yesterday) and got myself a train ticket to Ruifang to get to Shifen!

The exit signs at Ruifang station were in Korean, which made me wonder exactly how many Koreans came before they decided to change the signs to read in Korean too.

On the way to Shifen I went through some troubles like getting on the wrong train and then getting off at the wrong station. Not to mention the trains to Shifen (and back too, actually) are stuffed full of people like an overly stuffed Turkey during Thanksgiving (not that I know what that’s like).

Anyways when I finally got off, I stood in line for the Chicken Wing Fried Rice (basically they stuff fried rice inside the chicken wing). It was absolutely delicious, if not weird, but I almost inhaled it because I hadn’t had breakfast or lunch yet.

Then I went to do the famous lantern wishing thing. I got the four-colored one;

Yellow is for luck with money, white is health, red is ‘luck’ in general, and you get to pick one more color, so I picked pink (which is love).

The employee takes tons of pictures for you so even if you come alone (like me), you don’t have to worry about taking pictures. img_2837

This is me, letting my lantern fly off, like a mama bird watching the babee birb fly for the first time. It went off wayyyy into the air and it’s so symbolic for lots of things but I can’t bring myself to illustrate them because I’m too hungry right now.

Anyways, I was planning to get off at Houtong station and go to the cat village on the way back to Ruifang, but the train was so crowded that I literally could not push myself to the door and disembark from the train. So, sad for me, but I went straight back to Ruifang.

Then I returned to Taipei station to make my way towards Shilin night market for dinner and shopping.

These are just a few stalls that are in Shilin night market. I ate the famous cubed beef, and that strawberry candy in the picture. The stall with the bananas I took a picture of because it’s the same food they used to sell in front of my high school (ahh, memories.)


Anyways, with my arms full of souvenirs (and food) I returned to the hostel, and must rest up so I can go to…..(drumrolls) JIUFEN!


Jiufen is literally the reason I came to Taiwan, so I have no idea why I put it off to the last day.

Probably I felt like if I went there first, then the rest of my trip would feel boring.