Taiwan trip – Day 4

Day 4 of Please Let Me Go Back Alive (aka. Taiwan trip 2017)


I’ll be really honest. I didn’t do anything today.

I actually woke up around 11AM (though I was planning to wake up at 2PM), and when I finally got out of bed at 2, I got dressed and headed out only because I was hungry.

I mean, I planned this. I wasn’t going to do anything today except rest and eat and rest.

Still, despite my not caring that I was wasting my time, I still managed to wear some nice clothes, put on some sunglasses, wear a skirt, and head out to the nearest mall to enjoy air conditioning and clean bathrooms as well as a variety of food.


Tis be my lunch. It’s braised beef with noodles, and to be really honest it would’ve been excellent if it wasn’t so salty. But hungry people can’t complain, so I ate it all in one sitting, and then headed off to get something sweet.


Once again, matcha. Hot green tea latte with green tea custard was just yummmmmmm.

And then of course it was too late for going anywhere tourist-y but also far too early to get dinner, so I decided to head towards the Taipei City Mall, where I literally did nothing but waaaaalkkkkkkk. On the way I found a lot of anime-related things, so I called up my friend from high school and told him that he’d puke rainbows if he came here because he’d love it.

Also, since we don’t exactly talk to each other a lot, we ended up on the phone for at least 2 hours. It was pretty nice, catching up, and it made my walk around the underground mall much more delightful.


Tomorrow I shall do my duty as a tourist and go to some tourist spots. Although, since I expect my condition tomorrow to be not so different from today’s, I won’t go far. I’ll probably go to the museum or something.


Anyways, today was a nice, laid-back day for me.